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Jun 23, 2010
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Glass-making industry​

New technology of laminating glas.

Laminate panes are made by use of PVB foil in special lines equipped into the autoclave. The cost of such a line much exceeds 500000 euro and is available only for bigger companies. Panes can be bond by resining too, however this technology is much difficult, troublesome and less efficient. However by that technology it is possible bonding together the uneven area and implementing decorative elements between panes.
At the fair in Duseldorfie in 2004 technologies were being shown for laminating of panes with a new foil of a new generation. Fair in Milan 2005 confirmed technology development offered by the number of companies. At the BUDMA 2006 fair Polish EPO company showed stove for laminating EPL- 24 in the very attractive price, what meets with big interesting from theof producers of panes. This technology combine PVB technologies with resining technology , and equipment used for the production are much cheaper from PVB line.

Technological process

The technological Process is based on the "CAP-foil" which during the process gets geling and filling in all uneven area ,similarly as resin. Panes are united in the special stove equipped into vacum pockets. In the process the temperature is about 150 oC its needs inspection of the temperature-temporary curve and the curve of growing vacum. Process parameters sa usually controlled through specialize PID adjusters.

The foil is being put between panes or if we produce panes with additional decorative separator we use two foils and decorative material putted between them.
In the process of heating , foil become geling and next hardening and get togther with panes sheets.

I think, i made lot of mistakes , can anyone check this ?
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