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Jun 25, 2013
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Dear Forum,

I have a test exam without correct answers, maybe you can help me finding the correct answers for this test?

The first question is about grammar, the underlined text is my guess. The second question is writing an e-mail, I'm not sure about the words in bold. Do you have any comments or proposals for me?

Thanks a lot :)

1. Complete the sentences with the correct grammar tenses

1. The negotiators ---- to bring the two sides together for months, but so far they ----.
A) try/are failing
B) are trying/failed
C) tried/fail
D) have tried/were failing
E) have been trying/have failed

2. The electricity ---- off last night just as the presentation ---- interesting.
A) has gone/got
B) was going/has got
C) is going/has been getting
D) goes/is getting
E) went/was getting

3. More than a million people ---- the new superstore since it ----- last month.
A) are visiting/has been opening
B) have visited/opened
C) were visiting/opens
D) have been visiting/is opening
E) visited/has opened

4. Water ---- from liquid to gas when it ---- a temperature of 100°C.
A) has changed/reached
B) changed/was reaching
C) changes/reaches
D) has been changing/is reaching
E) is changing/reached

5. The phrase "post modernism" ---- about fifty years ago, but most people still ---- what it
A) was appearing/haven't known
B) has appeared/don't know
C) appeared/don't know
D) appears/didn't know
E) has been appearing/haven't known

6. People who ---- items like bottles and cans ---- the world's resources.
A) aren't recycling/wasted
B) didn't recycle/waste
C) haven't been recycling/were wasting
D) don't recycle/are wasting
E) haven't recycled/wasted

7. The President ---- too hard lately, and as a result, he ---- terrible.
A) has been working/looks
B) has worked/looked
C) worked/is looking
D) works/has looked
E) is working/was looking

8. I ---- to play the lottery about two years ago, but I ---- anything yet.
A) was starting/didn't win
B) started/haven't won
C) start/haven't been winning
D) have started/don't win
E) am starting/wasn't winning

9. I ---- in Istanbul for so long that I ---- the time before the Bosporus Bridges.
A) am living/remembered
B) lived/am remembering
C) was living/have remembered
D) live/was remembering
E) have lived/remember

10. Two years ago, she ---- English at all, but she ---- hard since then.
A) hasn't spoken/is studying
B) wasn't speaking/studies
C) isn't speaking/studied
D) didn't speak/has been studying
E) doesn't speak/was studying

11. I ---- my boss privately tomorrow and I ---- quite nervous about it.
A) have seen/am feeling
B) see/was feeling
C) am seeing/feel
D) saw/felt
E) was seeing/have felt

12. The cosmetics company ---- for 25 years to this date, but last month, the original
directors, Anita Roddick and her husband ---- from the board.
A) traded/have resigned
B) was trading/resign
C) has been trading/resigned
D) trades/were resigning
E) has traded/are resigning

2. Write an e-mail to the accounts department of Smart Office Suppliers asking when an invoice will be paid.

From: <MyName>@sailing-ship.co.uk
To: accounting@smart-office-suppliers.co.uk
Subject: Friendly Reminder of unpaid invoice #31337
Date: 29.06.2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

this is just a friendly reminder that your account with us appears as past due. Our records indicate that you have a total outstanding/unsettled balance of £ 339 with the following invoice overdue:

Invoice # Invoice Date Due Date Amount Description
31337 20.05.2013 28.06.2013 10000 pcs. Business cards
Total due: £ 339.-

We would much appreciate (it) if you could let us know the status of this payment. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the balance due on your account. Payment can be remitted to Mr. Christopher Chamberlain, Sailing Ship Ltd. in Liverpool, please find attached a copy of the invoice. If you have already sent us your payment, please disregard this reminder.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter and your continued business.

Accounts Receivable Manager
Sailing Ship Ltd.


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Jul 28, 2009
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Your underlined answers to all twelve questions are absolutely correct. Well done.

I'm afraid I don't have time to look at the other part of your post right now.
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