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Could any help to to proofread my cover letter?

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Victor Ng

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May 22, 2010
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I know my English is poor, so could any one help me to proofread my cover letter? I like the position very much.

Here is the job advertisement:

Project Officer
Centre for Learning Study, Institute of ABC

The appointee will be responsible for providing support to the research and administrative duties of the Centre. He/She will assist in drafting questionnaires, compiling data for research and reports, and preparing proposals and reports on activities related to Learning Study, partnership projects and courses offered by the Centre.

Here is my cover letter:

RE: Project Officer

Dear [FONT=&#26032]Dr. XX:[/FONT]

I would like to apply[FONT=&#26032] for the above position as I believe my work experience and educational background meet the job requirements. I graduated from the University of XXX with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I got [FONT=&#26032]my[/FONT] Master of Arts degree in Social Science from the University of XXX. I am now working as a senior research assistant at the Institute of ABC. [/FONT]
[FONT=&#26032] [/FONT]
[FONT=&#26032]Having worked as a research assistant for nearly three years, I have gained significant experience in research. I am able to analyze a large scale survey data set. I also have solid experience in conducting individual and focus group interview, and coding and analyzing qualitative data such as transcripts and school reports. I am also familiar with social research computer applications such as SPSS and NVivo. Besides, I got the chance to write research report and present it in public seminars. [/FONT]
[FONT=&#26032] [/FONT]
Since I have worked at the institute for nearly three years, I am familiar with its organization and administrative procedures. For example, I know how to hire student helper and part-time research assistant, how to book venues and equipments for seminar and conference, and where and whom to seek help from when I encounter administrative matters. Through conducting the research projects, I have also gained valuable experience in liaising with external parties such as schools, non-governmental organizations and government departments.

[FONT=&#26032]Moreover, I am [FONT=&#26032]self-motivated and[/FONT] able to work independently. In most of the time, I [FONT=&#26032]work[/FONT] with minimal supervision. But I am also able to work as a good team player, which is demonstrated [FONT=&#26032]through[/FONT] my active participation in student [FONT=&#26032]society [/FONT]and alumni association. [/FONT]

Attached is my resume and I would be very pleased to have opportunity to interview with you and I hope you will give my candidacy favorable consideration. Thank you.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]


[FONT=&#26032] [/FONT]
[FONT=&#26032] [/FONT]
Victor NG

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