COURSE BOOK selection with international audios/speakers


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Mar 2, 2023
Erfurt, Germany
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I am teaching English A1 and A2 in Germany, focused on adult education, and I am rather tired of hearing about 95% British English speakers used in the audios of the course books (I am American). Most of the English that will be encountered by Germans will be non-native English speakers (like on vacation, visitors to Germany, etc). In addition, NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME have opened the market to simply hearing more kinds of English, including Indian/South Asian, Australian and S African, as well as intl ones (like Italian or Spanish.........good for a variety of accents). For this reason, international audios /speakers would be be great.

My question to the group: can anyone recommend an A1 or A2 book that has an array of international speakers in the audios?


Barbara (in Erfurt)