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DELTA advise please

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Jul 5, 2010
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I've been teaching English to young learners for three years, since I graduated from university. My current contract runs out in April 2011 when I will have almost 4 years teaching experience. One year of which was volunteering in India, and not at all structured, the other three have been teaching basic conversation and phonics to kindergarten and primary students in Thailand. In this position, all lesson plans and resources are provided, so I've had little experience in planning lessons from scratch, but I do have a good grasp of structure, teaching techniques and classroom management. I have 9 months experience teaching business English to advanced adult learners, but my interest lies more in the young learners field.

I have a degree in an unrelated field as well as a 4 week TEFL qualification. I'm a native English speaker from the UK.

When my contract runs out in April next year, I feel that I'll be ready to take a "proper" qualification in the field, as I've decided that this is a job I'd really like to make a career out of.

I'm not scared of hard work and in fact I relish the challenge of a demanding course. However, I obviously don't want to choose a course which is beyond my abilities.

My only desire is for the course I choose to be relevant to progressing my career in teaching English primarily to young learners overseas.

At this point I've done some research into courses available and keep coming back to DELTA as my best option. However, with my interest being in young learners, I'm not sure if this is true?

I'd be so grateful of any advise on the DELTA course, suggestions into the best/most suitable courses either based in the UK or as distance learning options. Or, more suitable options for my situation.

Any insight into factors I should consider before making a decision on how to further my study would be great, and any pointers as to useful places to help continue my research.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Case

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Apr 20, 2008
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Unlike the old-style DELTA (and even earlier DTEFLA), you can take the new (modular) one even if you just teach kids. A lower level qualification like the CELTYL-extension would be great preparation, but please be aware that for some strange reason you get a cert of lesser value if your 4 week course wasn't the Cambridge CELTA
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