drink, drank, drunk,

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is it " He has not drunk any liquor since I have been with him" ?


Apr 3, 2010
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Why? I mean why does this grammatical structure differ from the one that Sting used in his lyrics? ;-)

And what about Sting's chart-topping hit song? ;-)

"Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace"

(You can find the lyrics in the description bar.)

I don't think that "since" means "because" here... :-?
And here again is evidence that song lyrics shouldn't be used as examples of grammatically correct English!! Technically, that sentence should read "Since you've been gone....." (too many syllables for the rhythm) or "Since you went....." (just doesn't sound as good!)

By the way, in the same thread I asked another question, which unfortunately remained unanswered, so I ask it again:

Technically, that sentence should read "Since you've been gone....."
But it's still present perfect, isn't it? Or does the passive form "justify" the use of present perfect instead of the simple past? After all, it could be said "since you were gone..." in this case, couldn't it? And, according to the previous posts, it would be the correct form/tense.

PS.: It would be a good idea to create some general threads, like, for examples "Past Perfect or Simple Past" and others like this, thus avoiding hundreds of similar threads for practically the same questions. :idea:
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