Former ASL interpreter for 16 in Mexico now...offered a teaching job


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Apr 24, 2016
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Hello all,

This is my first day on this site. Let me tell you guys why I'm here then maybe you guys will know how to help.
Last night I was offered to teach someone English for a decent amount of money for here in Mexico...3 X a week, 2 hour sessions...if I did this full time for as much as I'm getting for 2 hours of my time, I want to ace this teaching gig, and hopefully accumulate more clients by word of mouth.
I have a background in linguistics but in ASL(American Sign Language) and have been a pro for 16 years, mastered my craft over 10 years ago. Interpreting English to ASL or ASL to English is much different that formally teaching English....I know more rules for ASL than English, but I'm not completely incompetent...
So last night I found a bunch of apps from the App Store and different websites that have sample lesson plans.
Client will be 30 year old Male....educated in Mexico, smart guy...I have gathered much information and many apps to help, but don't know what to start with...I believe grammar rules and word order is important to someone who speaks Spanish since it's not the same as English. But don't want to start off rigid with just rules right out the gate...
So I gave my student about 20 basic vocab words and told him to study meaning an multiple meanings of the words...1st hour of session will go over that vocab and add some more..take a break and start the order of grammatical structure and rules of SVO etc for rest of first day...other than giving him more words until the next time we meet, I'm long should I focus on grammar, foundation is important and I think he might benifit from all rules before trying to speak and develop bad habits...I need help 3x a week 2 hour sessions...student is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, I am in Mexico now ha..



thanks a bunch,

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Nov 13, 2002
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I would honestly recommend getting him to speak- errors are part of the learning process, and producing language does a lot for people's confidence in their studies.