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Help me! Please correct it . Thank you so much.

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Feb 19, 2013
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Personal details
Full Name: XXXXX
Gender: Male.
Date of birth: February 10[SUP]th[/SUP] 19XX.
Address: House/Apartment/Building Number, Name of Street, Name of City
Nationality: Vietnamese.
Cell Phone: XXXXXXX.
E-mail: ... (Please contact me through email if I do not pick up your phone)
I’m a good student. I graduated from Hue Science University more than year ago with the highest score. I am good at most subjects in the university, so I can’t determine what programmer I want to be. I can learn quickly all subjects, and I am very good at all mathematical subjects and low-level programming languages. I am also good at physical subject. So I think that I am appropriate to become a game developer or a programming arithmetic developer. But now I am a database programming developer. I used to make some desktop applications with C# and SQL, a static web, be trained at two companies, and work at a company in a big Japanese project.
Technical skills:
- HTML, CSS, J-Query, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Google Map.
- C, C++, C#, .Net, SQL.
- Framework: MVC, 3-Tier. (Researching some different frameworks).
- Good at algorithm, OPP, research new technologies, office tools.
November 2010 – January 2011:
I was trained at [name of company], Hue. I and my friends were assigned a project which manages a coffee shop. I were both designing and coding. We used C#, SQL base on ASP 3–Tier framework to build the project. Because this is the first time that I work in a practical project, so I faced with some problem, but with supporting of some employees, I solved them.
February 2011 – May 2011:
I was trained at [name of company], Hue. I did about arithmetical programming. My project is text classification with n–gram model, and this is also my university final project. I built my project by C# and SQL base on ASP 3–Tier framework. The project requires to process large amounts of data, so I use SQL Transaction and Index techniques.
September 2011 – November 2011:
Work at [name of company], Ho Chi Minh City.
(URL – ...)
Role: developer
I was working in a big Japanese project which is written by C#. This company built a framework and the project is developed in it. The framework is built base on ASP.NET MVC and Infragistics (Infragistics is source for User Interface (UI) controls and components for .NET – ... . My working was finishing modules which designer assigned to me. Because of knowing thoroughly about object oriented programming, so I can easily to acquire knowledge about the project and use it to finish my modules easily. Each module can receive data from another module or not, and I code some functions such as add, update, delete, export report or pass data to another modules base on the require. After the trained time is two months, though they agreed to sign the contract with me, but I can’t, because I realized that my English was not good and I am young, so I came back Hue to improve my English and learn some new technologies. December 2011 – December 2012:
I came back Hue and took a course at Hue–Aptech. After the course I know thoroughly about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Map, J–Query, PHP, MySQL. Although I build a static web to finish my course but my teacher was amazing about it because I use Ajax to solve some difficult problem which I think there is no one do it again if don’t refer my code. (I will demo it).
December 2012 – January 2013:
I worked in [name of company] at Hue. At here, I work all things which my manager assigns to me.
Role: Developer.
The first, I did a javascript game, this game use easel.js, to do this game I have to read thoroughly about easel.js, because this game is used for Mobile so I build on event in Phone such as touch, swipe… and to maintain and upgrade I converted it to javascript OPP (I will demo it). The second, there was some error in the website project which use PHP and J–Query UI Bootstrap , I have modified some code in J–Query UI Bootstrap to suit with the project. (I will demo it). The third, I build a PHP website to manage “billiard” and “coffee”, this website use my company framework similar to MVC framework, there was a person who did it but he didn’t finish it, and my manager assigned it to me. I have rewritten all things, redesign database and finish alls primary function in seven day. (I will demo it). Finally, My manager decided to transfer to me two .Net Projects, but This company is at Hue City, and I’m going to Ho Chi Minh City at 2/2013, although my manager agree that I can work at Ho Chi Minh city for him, but I think that It not convenient so I stopped job and he agreed.
Bachelor’s in Information Technology from The Science University, Hue University in 2011.

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  • Reading Book.
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  • Playing Chinese chess.
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Jul 28, 2009
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Before anyone else looks at this, I suggest you remove the personal information from this post. Unless you have made those details up, it contains your full name, date of birth, address, phone numbers and a lot of other personal information. It is not a good idea to make this information public.

In fact, in case you don't see this in time, I am going to edit your post to remove the sensitive information.
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