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[Essay] help to short essay : tests and education.

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Mar 18, 2010
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hi every one here
can any one help me to correct the mistakes on this topic
I will be thankful
In many countries schools have several tests for their students. In fact, a lot of examinations make the young students stressful not only that teachers can be very busy with these tests and following the examination, a teacher cannot give his knowledge to students and it is a huge loss. I agree many points with this opinion for many reasons.
In fact, If pupils have a fewer tests than they may be unfamiliar with them. So giving pupils more tests is actually better for lowering stress. For example, some student have no responsibility for the education if there is no system for assessment. In addition, in many schools you can see the books are thrown behind the schools or in the bin . From other side, this examinations can be solution for the pupils to face the pressure of test.
Some testing will always be necessary. However, we should remember that education is about more than passing tests. To deal with this satiation, we should teach the student why the tests are very important and these not the aims of education. In modern society they believe some tests cause of heating education. As a result, they give their students an opportunity for learning by research in the books, visit the library or asking for their questions. This condition can be called Open Brain.
It is Clare now from the data, we should not concentrate on testing too much. It is a good idea to help our pupils to learn from different ways far from pressure of tests. Instead, we should welcome other challenges in life.
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