I don't do mornings!

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Sep 19, 2008
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Call me an owl I careless for I am definately NOT a morning person!
I can't understand how ppl wakes up so early n face the sun!!!!
I am so in love with nights =D, Well, to be frank I am a dracula ( but don't tell =P)
I can't stop myself from wondering how some people like mornings! =S I will NEVER be a morning person tho in my childhood I used to be like that..
I still can't get it what's good in mornings?
@ night everything is better I hate to sleep @ night until the first light appears telling you hey it is dawn!
Well, I hate the bloody morning I can talk forever of how much I hate them..... but now let's see the reasons why I don't do mornings....
first of all: The SUN!
I hate it >< weird but I do!
I think the sun makes me blind by its radients I can't open my eyes I feel so blind o_O.. and @ home I draw the curtians trying not to let any light comes in!
( like a gizmo I should NEVER expose to light =D) << thinking of what Jehan might said " what's with the gizmo's quotes?"
Second of all: WORKS! and while ago college =D
what a good motive to wake you up =S college or work come on ><
I am always late for work n in the past college I don't know why!!!
I wake up before the classes begin in an hour n a half!!! and yet can't make it in time
Here's a typical morning day =D if you are not a morning person like me then I guess we all share this =D
We wake up at 6:30 we snoozed the alarm for 5 minutes we sleep wondering If the alaram will ring or not
being afraid that it won't then when it rings again you r reliefed n go back to bed let it ring after more five minutes...
(I have this fear cause sometimes it doesn't ring then I awake an hour later freaking out =D) after that you convince myself it is time to wake up you check my bb msn n any messegas if you have then you go to take a shower.....
Imagine while yo are taking the shower the water runs out!!! ( it happened to me really) what worse can happen!
looking to yourself in the mirror and you find a mosquite bites on your face!
after the showering is over you find out the dedorant is finished!!!!! you go to search for a new one till finally you find one...
you sit down to eat breakfast you find there is no more of your favourite cereal you eat anything else... while drinking a cold tea ( or super hot tea)!!! btw you should NEVER EVER check your emails or facebook page ( nor playing restaurant city to discover the new daily ingrediants =D ) when you awake because without your awarness you will end up spending 30 minutes!!!! you freaked out go to find something to wear
you spend 10 minutes trying to find a cool thing just to end up wearing the simplest and first choice a simple t-shirt =S
you try to make your hair looks pretty but you don't have time so you just go ....
waiting for the driver who will be in the bathroom!!!
when he is finally done in your way he will stop for some car petrol! come on dude! then he will ask the worker to write a bill or give him extra tissue box COME ON!!!!!
after that the steet traffic won't be normal @ all! you wait staring at the street looking to your watch OMG I am definately dead!!!
then finally you are there but hey you are late -_-
and hey while you are taking, giving a class you realize instead of eating that bad cereal there was waffules or donuts =S
after this horrible day yo still stare at your watch waiting for this morning to end you snooze, you yawn
Seriously I can't function before Noon! =D
The worst feeling ever when it is 1 am n you are sleepy =S I wanna be up the whole night

p.s: enjoy n correct my topic if there is any mistakes =D


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Jun 29, 2008
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enjoy n correct my topic if there is any mistakes =D
It's impossible to say whether there are mistakes because this type of text language is arbitrary. There is very little traditional English here.
It's possible that some of your misspellings - 'definately, radients, curtians', etc. are mistakes. It depends upon what effect you're trying to create.
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