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Mar 30, 2010
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many thanks in advance to those who'll help correcting my letter
Here's the task:

Write a letter of application to a children's summer camp in Scotland
You can choose a job from these: sports supervisor, activities supervisor, kitchen helper and office administrator.

Dear Mr Reid,
I have seen your advertisement on the internet and I am writing to apply for a summer job as a kitchen helper in your camp.
I am a 17-years-old student from Italy, and I can already speak some English, as you can see.
I'm about to finish school, but I'd love to spend these summer holidays in a different way.
I'm a self confidant, reliable, and hard-working person.
I'm interested in doing this job because I've always loved cooking and I get every day the dinner ready at home, so I can say I have some "kind of experience". Moreover, I love working with children, I have many small cousins with whom I spend lot of time.
I'd like you to tell me how much free time off would I have to explore Scotland, if possible, so that I can choose which places to visit in advance.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
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