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Apr 6, 2010
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Good morning /afternoon everyone
I need presentation but I didn't know how to do it for my advanced semester.
there are a lot of subjects ,,however, I can't choose one of them
I want one is easy until I can remember if I forgot anything from it

......please ,,actually I need help
my presentation for the last semester was about the cellphone
this is my presentation that I talked about .

( Nowadays, there are many different ways of communications in Saudi Arabia. One of most important invention from my point of view is the cell-phone. It is the modern invention which has spread recently. So, now I want to talk about some its advantage and disadvantage. First, It has a lot of advantage such as: it is easy to carry and can put it in your pocket also it is easy to use at any time and everywhere, For example in the street, inside the city or outside and probably in the forest. It has many useful uses. For instance, you can send a message to any one at any time. And it can memorize you the praying time and the important appointment s. In addition, there are cell-phone which have a camera which takes of beautiful places or birds, mountain and flowers. Also, when you feel ennui you can play games. It has many interesting games. If you want to calculate anything, it has a calculator, you can use it easily and so fast also without any wrong. Also there are many other advantages. But like anything in the world, everything has positive as well as negative effects. From its disadvantage, it's expensive and it costs a lot in its bill. I read in a newspapers that if you use it an hour daily for ten years, it can cause a brain cancer. Also, the doctors always advise us not to use it so much because it is harmful and dangerous for all the parts of body. It harm young children, so you must keep it out of reach of them. As well as it can be waste of time, money and health. It is impossible to leave it off completely, but we have to reduce its uses. And try to use it is when necessary if there is a need, not all the time.)

so I need presentation that is in the same level or advanced a bit..

The hope
where are you ???
,,,,you can give me suggested subjects at least;;;
I really need any help
I'm waiting you


The hope
It's almost impossible to recommend a topic without knowing what your interests are or what is expected from you.
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