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1) I overheard one pointed to the paper cutting equipment and named it "sounds like skeleton". The description of the equipment as follow:

  • long and set on table
  • having a handle in square fixing above a long piece of clear plastic bar
  • the square handle can be slided freely from right to left vv to cut the paper or trim the laminated document
  • clear plastic bar : for stablising the paper underneath for cutting
  • I saw it in schools and the shops offering bulk photocopying, printing and laminating service
May I know the name of that equipment.


2) May I know the name of the laminating machine? Shall I call it ’laminator‘? I can't find the word ’laminator‘ in dictionary。

Tks / ju
Paper trimmer is for normal office use. Guillotine is for industrial use where they cut thick reams of papers at a time using a huge blade.

Laminating machine is just laminating machine. I don't think there is a shorter name.
In British English, a guillotine doesn't have to be for industrial use- we use the term for ones in a office too. If they have a blade on an arm, they're guillotines.
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