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Feb 25, 2010
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Can someone help with this letter, thanks.
I like to report an incident that took place at Dowell Elementary School. Is been a week and have yet not received an update on the situation. I asked, seek guidance, and made contact with the local agencies here in El Paso with no luck. I did made contact with the EPISD liaison here at Fort Bliss and they are currently working with me on the issue. I like to report incidents that happen last week on Wednesday against my daughter and another student that caused bodily harm injuries and cuts at Dowell Elementary school with a sharp object. Can someone help resolve and let this matter known so it doesn’t go un-noticed? The school leadership and the principal must take action and if not they need to be dealt with accordingly.
Some of my concerns are as follow:
· The Principle stated to me on our telephone conversation that this is her first incident of this nature and that she does not have the experience on how to follow procedure and/or protocol for this kind of incident. She stated that she is awaiting guidance from higher headquarters in order for her to take the necessary steps accordingly.
· Notification process to parents in case of an emergency failed.
· No report was filed or generated after several hours the incident took place.
· No report or notification to the internal EPISD security agency.
· No first aid treatment for the two injured students to check for possible “TETANUS” contamination or infection. (My daughter was seen and treated at the US Army William Beaumont Medical Center).
The following are some questionable issues and concerns:
· Risk assessments and safety of the school grounds failed.
· The ability of the students to acquired sharp objects to inflict harm to other students.
· Why the police wasn’t notified? (My spouse notified the police and file complaint).
· Visual and direct supervision of the school grounds at all times failed.
· Threats, intimidations (tormented) or indications that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen to my daughter and the other injured student if they don’t submit to her (“The BULLY”).
· Threats, intimidations (tormented) or indications that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen to my daughter and the other injured student by telling them that she will call or notify one of her male friends from the school and/or an unauthorized school stranger from the outside to submit to her or “else”.
· Another questionable fact is that the student that caused the injuries has visible physical scars that may have been self inflicted and/or self mutilation for unknown reasons. Comments and remarks have been heard from this student that she has nothing to live for, a sign of questionable personal problems at home or school. But that needs to be determined by an outside social or medical agency.
Officer Serafin my daughter is now suffering and living in a constant fear with an sudden intense feeling of being threatened or in danger on the daily basis and unsure of the schools staff protection. These are signs of been constantly taunted and harassed by the “bully” in question. I reported the incident to the Fort Bliss agencies and recommended that the school be put on the “OFF LIMITS” list for the safety of our Soldiers, DOD civilian children.
Lastly, Officer Serafin, I am a Disable American Veteran who served honorably for over 22 years our Great Nation during Peace and War time in the United States Army and still serving and working for the Department of Defense as a contractor. I am charge with teaching, mentoring and training our sons and daughters to go and fight for our Great Nation in combat against our enemies, and come back home safe. It is a duty I take very seriously. If a Soldier is injured in combat because he or she did not know how to perform his or her duties I could be held accountable for that. I am also a former CADRE/Instructor of the United States Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy here at Fort Bliss, Texas. With that said, I can relate in many ways to the duties and responsibilities of the Principal and teachers at Dowell School and expect some accountability for the safe environment of the students attending that school.
Very Respectfully
SFC (E-7) Roberto Rivera
US Army (RET)


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Jan 14, 2008
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check for correct spelling of principal.

First paragraph:
I would like to . . .
I asked, sought advice, . . .

Good luck on this issue. Thank you for speaking up!!
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