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Jan 15, 2010
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In Lithuania is the 9 major banks. But SEB Bank is the largest and most famous, and Swedbank is in second place. There enough banks in Lithuania, because here are live only 3 million people. SEB bank is located near my house and I am using the services of this bank for several years. But other my family members are using other banks for example my mum using Snoras bank's services. Her employer is also used by the bank thereby in a way so it is easier to remit a salary to his mother's bank account. Also my mum used a time deposit services. Time deposit is a safe and simple way of saving money because you get extra money after some time. Thus, I think that everyone should keep one's savings in a bank.
I was in a bank a week ago. I wanted to pay for phone and the Internet services. The queue was very big so I was standing in a queue about 20 minutes. But I was served by a very enjoyable woman.She greeted, chatted pleasantly with me and valed. She was very pleasantly and helpful. Although I was took a long time but I was satisfaction with the bank’s services.
In conclusion, I want to tell that banks are facilitated our everyday life, you can pay for a variety of services in a few minutes, can keep one’s savings and use other services.
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