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Jun 28, 2009
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I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me with this essay:

Topic: Effects of stress


As society is developing at a lightening speed, the amount of pressure exerted on a person is alarmingly escalating. Tons of running tasks and family affairs piling up can cause one to undergo the feeling of stress. It is assumed that stress can create the motivation for people to overcome difficulties and accomplish certain achievements. However, scientists have demonstrated that stress has more adverse impacts than positive ones on people’s life. The two primary “victims” of stress are work and family, friends.

The state of being stressed can be considered among the major causes of one’s unproductiveness. There is no doubt that when being strained, a person can hardly find any interest in his or her job. This is associated with low working morale. Therefore, that person cannot concentrate on the work, not mentioned endeavour to yield his or her company any profits. Besides, bad mood can easily lead one to be in conflict with other colleagues. Just one opposite point of view on some matter can bring about a fierce quarrel. The reason for this is that one stressed person cannot control his or feeling as usual, and is inclined to explode at any moment. Afterwards, this badly influences the working result.

Family and friends may also suffer from one person’s frustration when he or she is under excessive pressure. Numerous people when confronting stress have a tendency to internalize their tension at work and relieve it at home. Parents, children, partner or friends can be the objects for one to shower with his or her pent-up anger and depression. This brings on the heavy atmosphere between family members as well as friends. What is worse, the consequence can sometimes be relationship breakup. A couple may choose to split up when arguments occur too frequently. Likewise, long-term friendship can be ruined.

In conclusion, stress can bring down detrimental effects on people’s life. It can result in bad working performance and relationship damage.
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