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Feb 7, 2010
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My 2009/2010 Holidays
My holidays consisted of, going to Gold Coast, having Christmas and New Year, hurting my back in the pool, than having to stay another week there by myself with my Baka (grandma in Croatian) and playing my very first canoe polo game.

Driving to the Gold Coast took 3 days, my mum, two younger sisters, Martina and Emilia and my older Brother Dominic came. We left Adelaide at around 1:00pm on a Tuesday. We stopped at a drive revive at least every four hours so my mum could have a rest from driving and our two puppies Shadow and Honey could stretch. In the car I sat next to Martina. Most of the time Martina and I listened to my music or took photos. We arrived in the Gold Coast at my Teta (aunty) Mili’s house 9:00am on a Thursday. That day we went out for lunch and saw our family.

On Christmas morning we woke up and had breakfast. After breakfast we went to the lounge room to give our presents to everyone. I got a bag, clothes, bathers, pyjamas, makeup, shoes and some jewellery. Everyone seemed to like what they got. Then we all went to my Teta Yasi’s house, to see my cousins Daria, Luka and Tiana. At there house we gave them their presents which they liked very much. We went into the pool and played a game we made up called odd-ball, where your team has to try and always have possession of the ball.

We spent New Year at Teta Yasi’s house. Emilia, my cousins and I got all dressed up in nice clothes and did our hair. We turned on the television to play some music videos and then we danced to them. At around 8:00 the rest of our family came. We had a late dinner and then took photos. Just before midnight we called our family in Zagreb and wished them a happy New Year. We got sparklers and party poppers and set them off at New Year and then watched the fire works.

On the 4th of January I was in the pool and we were all diving one after another. I was about to dive but I went to step back because I had changed my mind. Then I fell into the pool at the wrong angle and everything went so quickly. My legs hit my shoulders and I hurt my back. I went to the hospital to get my back x-rayed but they found out it was only bad bruising,
In the end I had to stay another week and fly back because I couldn’t sit in the car for that long.

Staying for another week turned out to be good in some ways I got to spend more time with my Baka and Teta Mili leave for Paris. Teta Mili gave me some shoes and clothes and some other small presents to take home with me for my family. Teta Yasi took me to the movies. On the 15th of January was when I was going to fly home and Teta Yasi drove me to the airport and we said good bye and then I checked in and hoped on the plane. I sat in C7 and next to me was a mum and next to her was her daughter. After about 15 minutes I got a really bad headache and the mum gave me some panadol
But I still didn’t feel better so she called the Stuart to come. He told me to come with him and he made me sit in the first class section and he put the seat down for me to help my headache. He gave me a muffin and lemonade and a pillow to make me feel better. Then I fell asleep and woke up with only 20 minutes left till we get to Adelaide. We disembarked the plane and I saw my mum and sister waiting for me, I went over and gave them a hug and told them what had happened.

My holidays were quite fun and exiting, I hope my next holidays will be as good as these ones.
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