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Please help correct my writing!

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May 25, 2010
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I write an article to post but I'm not confident with my grammar. So can anybody help check my writing below?

Snoring can be nighttime dilemma for some couple and sometimes it can lead to the marital strife. The sound from your snoring also is likely enough to make you feel ashamed and disturb your social relationship. Actually you can use some simple tips just from your pillow for snoring remedies. It's easy to implement and really helpful to prevent snoring.

-Using several pillows or thicker pillow to elevate your head
When you are sleeping on your back, naturally the soft tissues will fall backward into the throat and cause the snoring. You can breathe easier and keep the soft tissues from falling back by using several pillows or thicker pillow to elevate your head. Using too many pillows is not advisable because it can worsen the snoring. It's recommended that you elevate the head about 30 degrees.

-Change your pillow
Have you changed your pillows recently? Old pillows are potential as a source of allergic reactions in humans. People who have allergies or are susceptible to allergic reactions are often people who snore as well. So if you have allergies you will tend to snoring from your old pillows.

-Use the firm pillow
Once you decide to change your well-worn pillow to the new one, go for a firmer pillow rather than the softer one. Softer pillows will make your neck muscles to relax, so that your head tilts back and the sound of snoring will be produced once again.

-Try special pillow for snoring
Improper sleeping position is one of the reasons why people snore. This causes the airway of your throat to stretch and tighten making your breath to be irregular and interrupted. To relax your airways and keep the right sleeping position to prevent snoring during your sleep, you can try special pillow for snoring. Besides relief snoring, it also provides comfort and support so that you can get a good night's sleep just like a baby.
Finally, I recommend that you try this anti snoring pillow if other natural remedies such as change your lifestyle is not working. The other natural remedies maybe free or even if you should spend your money it will be not as much as when you go for this pillow for snoring.
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