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Jan 16, 2016
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1. Current in the organ case (eg. to magnets) generally flows in cables. However, it was found the better for this is use not insulated wires through the center of the organ case. If other organ builder will enter the organ case He have an electric shock. The best way to competition.

2. To repair the pipe we should solder it. We know better method - you can cover the pipe with scotch tape, rosin or stick red sticker and tie rubber hose.
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You present quite a challenge- not least of which is determining if the main noun is correct.

1. What is an "organ case"? The word organ has two meanings:

a. A part of an human or animal body that performs a particular function, i.e. stomach, heart, liver, etc. This one certainly would not have wires.

b. A musical instrument, traditionally made of tuned pipes, but today often a kind of digital synthesizer. It's hard to imagine this one big enough for a person to get inside, or using bare wires.

The best way to competition. Not at all clear what this could mean.

2. You mention a "better method", but it's unclear if you have two 'better methods' or all things mentioned are part of one method:

a. Better Method #1: cover the pipe with scotch tape.
b. Better Method #2: rosin or stick red sticker (what is "stick red sticker"?) and tie rubber hose.

There are grammar and usage problems with all of the above, but it's hard to suggest changes without some understanding of what you are talking about.
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