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Jan 28, 2010
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Hello everyone ;-)

I need help, to correct my paragraph about advantage to live in small town and large city.

Live in small town and large city has many advantages. In large city,

you can have a good medical care because there is a big Hospital with high

specifications. Also, people in large city Prefers technical which is use in:

mobiles and Internet. In addition, entertainment in large city is better than in

small town. There you can find lots of entertainment for example, when you

feel bored you can go to malls for shopping,zoo, gardens, and other pleases.

While in small town there isn't. However, small town also has advantage such

as tranquillity, quite and peace. You can feel it in town because the number

of the population and there are very few of the large factories and the

transport system is annoying. Friendship is very easy configured with the

people there because they are very kind. Finally, I prefer to live in small town

because I love quite and I will miss a lot of things that I have it in large city.

Thank You :oops:


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Mar 27, 2009
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Here is my suggested revision. I tried to remain with your theme and keep it simple.

There are many advantages to living in a large or a small city. Large cities usually have hospitals that offer better medical care because staff is better trained and are more qualified. Also, technology is more advanced and more accessible. Entertainment, including zoos, theaters, gardens and other attractions are available and easily accessible. Shopping is more convenient and there is a variety of shops.

You can’t find these amenities in a small town. However, small towns have their advantages, such as peace and quiet. There are fewer people, fewer large businesses and not as many noisy vehicles which can be very annoying. It’s easier to find friends because people are kinder and more friendly.

I prefer to live in a small town because I love the tranquility it offers, even though I miss many things that a large city offers.
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