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Apr 27, 2010
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Solutions for Bullying
Do you know hundreds of students commit suicide because of the bullying? Bullying is a group or individual person abuse the one who is weaker than them. Bullying have different types like verbal, physical, racial, cyber and most time teasing children to different name. The two most commonly proposed solutions to this worldwide problem are having education for it and zero tolerance.
My first solution is having education in school to prevent bullying. Schools have social classes like a subject that teach students how to respect others. These classes also include how to treat each other, how to self defense and what happen to child who is harrying by others. Schools can also keep after school programs three times a week for preventing bullying. The programs can tell problems of suicides; pressure and depression of students who suffering from it so students can understand its consequences. This solution can decrease almost fifty percentage of bullying.
My other and important solution for bullying is zero tolerance. Every school must have some rules and policy against bullying. School do not acceptable it anyway. If group or child is harrying someone, school should give one month suspension to the child or group who bullying others. School can also kick out that group or child if it happens again. Teacher should not keep singling out as normal matter. Teacher has to be very strict about that topic. For example when I was small, I was also bullying by a group. I went to the homeroom teacher to tell my problem. She was worrying about me. She would help me. She came after me wherever my class was after homeroom. She watched I was bullying so she stop the group to harrying me. She warned them. After few days she watched that group again to bullying me. She complained to the principal. Principal kicked that group out of school. Zero tolerance is really works for this problem.
In conclusion, having education of bullying and zero tolerance can decrease to prevent bullying. I think first solution can understand children about problem and another one really works for me so it is best solution. Every school can try these solutions and then the bullying will really go out from schools.
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