[General] The facts about "have" and "have got" in British English

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Apr 23, 2017
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The facts about "have" and "have got" in the United Kingdom.

The facts about "have" and "have got" in the United Kingdom.
Hi, native BrE speakers!, I have researched this topic from other english websites about have and have got! And it is kind of observation.
I am really confused now, so I've found that :

Facts :

A. Have got is only used in the present and in the past form and it uses "have/has" as its auxiliary. Ex. I have got / I haven't got / have I got ?

B. the plain "have" is used in all tenses and it uses "do" as its auxiliary. Ex. I do not have / do I have ? / I have or I do have.

C. Have got cannot be combined with the modal verbs such as :must,may,might,can,etc, and can't be combined with to+infinitive.
ex.I may have (got) to make it. & I want to have (got) a baby boy. Is it correct / fine with/without "got" in BrE ? And, is it fine if I use with/without got in BrE?
To me, if I use it with "got" e.g. I may have got a drum, so it refers to the past of the modals, and the meaning is I may have obtained that drum, so, I may have visited Cuba in 1987,it refers to the past form .

D. Only the plain "have" can be combined with the modal verbs & it can be combined with to+infinitive. Ex. I may have to make it / I want to have a baby boy.
is it correct without/with "got" in BrE ?

E. Have got and the plain "have" are used in BrE. (Do you BrE natives use both ?,could you explain to me, the differences between them ?), I researched, that have is more formal in British English than have got, have got is more informal.

F. The pattern

Have got : I have got.. & I haven't got..& have I got ? (in the negatives, haven't I got ?)
Have : I do have.. / I have.. & I don't have.. & do I have ? ( negative, don't I have ?)

3.past : I had got /(I did have) I had & I hadn't got /I didn't have & had I got (hadn't I got ?), did I have ? ( didn't I have ?)

G. have got isn't be used in the adverbs of frequency (often,usually,often,etc.) and it is not used in gerund,participle,infinitive form,and future form. ex. I have usually (got) a bad day/ I usually have a bad day.

H. And, I am very confused, do you (BrE native speakers) use both ?, could you explain both (have and have got ) in BrE ?

I. More examples : I have never got £5, I have (n't) still got to sign that contracts, I have only got £1, I have already got Sarah's mobile phone number.( I never have 5£ / l still (don't) have to sign that contracts / I only have 1£). Pattern : I have (another word : still) got to ... / I (only) have .../ I already have Sarah's mobile phone number, do/ don't I already/still/never/ever/only have to/a..? & have/haven't I never/ever/still/already/only got to/a..?, are both correct/accepted in BrE and which is more formal BrE system ?

J. Have got can't be used in the activity, such as : I have (got) dinner at 8 o'clock.

K. Are they correct In BrE ?
1. Let him have (got) a second chance, he wouldn't/won't make it again
2. He may have (got) a garage beside his house.
3. He could/must/can have (got) that book, if he has / has got a lot of money.
4 Jane wants to have (got) a child.
5. I am going to have (got) a car.
6. I am having (got) a bad day.

Are these facts correct ? I shall wait for your explanation from you, thanks in advance !
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