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Aug 5, 2023
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I have some questions on the use of won't/wouldn't and tenses in the following scenarios:

1. A worker told his boss yesterday that he saw a ghost on the boss's farm, but the boss didn't/wouldn't believe him. Now, he wants to quit the job because he doesn't want to work on a haunted farm, and his boss asks him for a reason. He says, "I told you (about the ghost), but you wouldn't believe me." Is the tense used for the sentence highlighted in red correct in this context? I'm not sure about this because the boss still doesn't believe him at the time they're speaking.

I guess the second one is basically the same.

2. Sarah wants to take her sister outside, but the sister is sick, so she doesn't want to go out. Sarah keeps pestering her sister, so the sister gets mad, and they start fighting. Then, their mother comes to them and asks why they are/were fighting (not sure because they stopped it after their mother came). The sister tells on Sarah, saying, "She was forcing me to go outside, but I told her I wasn't feeling well." I'm not sure if this is correct because she still hasn't recovered at the time she's speaking.

Please feel free to correct the mistakes. Thank you!
... but I told her I wasn't feeling well
... but I told her I'm not feeling well

Both are fine to use in that situation but the second one emphasises more that the sister still hasn't recovered at the time of speaking.