Deja vu Paper

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Déjà vu paper

In the movie Déjà vu there are two major crimes that take place. The crushing blow of the ferry exploding with 500 citizens on board and the Claire Kuchever before the ferry explosion. Doug, who is recruited by a newly formed FBI unit, is put in charge of the operation to track down the killer of Claire that according to all the investigations is interrelated with the explosion of the ferry. Doug later finds out about a new investigation invention by the FBI, which allows a select group of private investigators to view the past on screen as if it had been videotaped 4 days earlier. Doug later finds out that this new invention allows things to travel to the past, so he decides to risk his life by traveling back in time and altering the course of history to catch the murderer and save Claire.
A story can describe events involving time travel correctly by showing present events, altering past events which later change the later events, forming a casual loop that never stops. If there isn’t a contradiction in a story about time travel then it is logically and physically possible to travel to the past. The only way that stories can get time travel events incorrectly is if there is a contradiction, “something happens and doesn’t happen.” This defines contradiction. The movie gets the ambulance explosion part right. During that time, Doug sees the past in the portable eye time travel visor; he sees an ambulance smashed into a house while he is in the present. Later in the movie, when Doug decides to travel to the past to save Claire, Doug drives the vehicle into the same building when he is in the past. So Doug’s present events end up shaping the past events that end up shaping the future events which turns out not to be a contradiction. The other event that the movie gets right is Larry’s death, which was triggered by the note being sent from the future by Doug. Larry was in his office when he received the letter that was meant for Doug but in reality this was the way it was going to always turn out to be, with Larry receiving the letter and going after the bad guy because there is no way of changing the past, no matter what Larry was going to die because of Doug sending that letter and the . The last thing the movie gets right are all the events that happened in Claire’s apartment. All of Doug’s blood and finger prints throughout the house, the blood and the note he wrote in the freezer in the house are right because it had already happened in the past. What the movie gets wrong is Claire dying and not dying, this can’t happen due to the fact that in the beginning of the movie when Claire’s body was on top of the table in the investigation room she was dead and at the end of the movie Claire is saved before the murder can happen. Her fingers were cut off in the beginning of the movie and not cut off at the end, this can’t happen either because when Doug was investigating her body he found out that all her fingers were cut off inside the investigation room at the beginning of the movie and during the time of the movie that her fingers where about to be cut off at the end Doug managed to stop the event from happening turning out in a contradiction. The other event that cant’s happen in time travels is Doug dying because of the car explosion and not dying because of the car explosion. The ending is controversial because Doug dives into the water with the car and explodes inside causing his death then appearing in later minutes talking to Claire to end the movie.
The term referred as Auto infanticide refers to the analogy that we can’t kill our baby self, this is logically and physically impossible. There is no way of changing what already happened if we go to the past, so if we are still alive in the present there is no possible way of killing our baby self in the past. If I were to kill my baby self because I don’t like how my life turned out to be, no matter what I do or try I won’t be able to achieve my goal of killing my baby self because is logically impossible. It would shows that it is true that I did not grow up and it is also true that I grew up and went into the time machine. That shows a contradiction therefore it can’t happen. If it is the case that I tried to kill my baby self in the past the auto infanticide attempts will necessarily fail one way or another because a contradiction can never take place in time travel.


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