[Essay] House or Business?

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Mar 15, 2010
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You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.

To poor people, either start a new business or buy a house is hardly-accomplished dream. However, to rich people, both of them are matter of a flash thought. A moderate class person like me, I can only decide to run my own business or to purchase my own house. After having deeply thought, I would prefer to have to own house than to start a business due to three major reasons.
To start with, house provides me worth living conditions. House is the merely place which gives me cozy. After a busy at workforce- not a Robert- I do need relaxations. Sit lazily in front the wide-screen-and-colorful TV, watch my favorite football match, hold a cup of coffee in hand, and enjoy the rest of time after a very busy day is something that only house can provide not a restaurant or night club does.
Besides worth living, a house also provides me warm living conditions. I and my wife have a full-time job at two different firms where we hardly meet at working hours; meanwhile, my son studies in high school and my daughter stay at her primary school. In other words, we do not have much time seeing each other during day time. Therefore, I do need a place where we can spend time sitting in the dining room sharing jokes or showing support to each member. This is what I mean my warm living condition- so do many people.
In addition to worth and warm life, owning a house- likes having a successful business- get a lot of income. If you house is big enough, you can rent a part of it to get money. Or you can sell for money and buy another that is cheaper than the previous one. In particular, I have just sold my villa to a man and buy a bigger at the country side in cheaper prices.
All in all, owning a house gives me a worth and warm life, and profit.



Jun 1, 2006
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there reasons here,I have to agree with you buying a house and enjoy your life.
and I think you just wants others' agreement that you should make a right choice when you purchase a house
don't be hesitating
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