[Essay] Life in hostel

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Aug 22, 2010
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hello every one i am just started tofel class so can you plese check my essy and let me know in which area i have to improve?

Life in hostel is one of the most memorable experiences that one must feel it. It is likely that, it takes you away from the home to real world situation and teaches you lot. However, it gives a exposure in the the real world, every life has its prone and cons.

There are several benefits of be a part of hostel life. First, you can be more frankly.
Like you gain more confidence to talk with anybody either with your elders or with your younger. You get mental growth. Second you learn how to be independent and decision maker, you take every little decision of your life and learn that decision was right or wrong. By improving this quality you learn how to solve big problem of life. Lastly, in hostel life there are lot of fun and games as all this belong to same age group. So you can find field which includes your talent and interest which you never know before. So, sportsmanship and physical growth will improve.

However there are several causes of hostel life that makes bad image of it. First, if student lay down in company, it will wash out his career. For instance if student learn gambling, somking all things goes in water. Second, main aim of staying in hostel is improve knowledge save time and study lot. But with careless company this motto goes out. Student will not get success.

To sum up, hostels are boons that are staying away from homes. It gives them a platform for lodging and boarding and helps them to concentrate on their studies.

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