Older or Greater - Asking for Age

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Jun 12, 2010
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If I met two brothers and I want to know who is older, what is my question should be?
Who is the older? or Who is the greater?
You'd ask "who is the older?"
Who is the older ?

Greater is used for big and huge things,, not for old things.
Great can be used for people, but not for a simple matter of age.
Today, the correct word is "older." I think in archaic English, sons and fathers (or other male relatives?) with the same first name were distinguished by "the greater" and "the younger." Such as, "James the Greater" and "James the Lesser" or "James the Younger." So,if you find the expression "the greater" in older texts, such as certain versions of the Bible, you are correct that this means "the older." However, this is not correct in today's English.
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