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Oct 18, 2018
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how to translate descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?
descriptive grammar = the way people use language
prescriptive grammar = the way traditional grammarians want people to use language
Welcome to the forum, friday4395. :hi:

Do you want to translate these words into another language? Or do you want to know the difference between them?

Please note that 'how to' is not the correct way to begin a question.

hi~Piscean, thank you for your reply and correct my mistake!
I would like to know the difference between them.
Traditional grammar say that If I were is the correct form to use in a second conditional. They are trying to lay down the law and tell people what they should say- prescriptive grammar. However, many native speakers say If I was. A descriptive grammar would say that both forms are acceptable because people use both. They are trying to describe usage, not dictate rules.
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