Poll: Pay homage

Pay homage

A homage
An homage
Both are correct
Neither is correct

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udara sankalpa

This is an uncountable nounl so an article may not be used.


It's in the same sense as debt. You can't pay a, or an, debt, you pay debt. First off, it sounds weird. And you can't do anything with one debt, one debt doesn't exist... well, in that sense it doesn't.


reply to: udara sankalpe and Vidableek:
Why can't you count? I have several debts. I have 2 credit card debts, and a mortgage - 3 debts in all. And: I have paid 13 homages to the people of this nation. Tomorrow I will perform a(n) homage to the Cree.

I actually answered the question incorrectly though. I answered "A homage", when both are correct. It depends on how you pronounce "homage". Pronounce the "h" and it's "a homage". With a silent "h", it's "an (h)omage." The problem here is when you write it down, you have to assume the way the reader will pronounce it. Isn't English awesome?


reply to: nomage
if you're rhyming it with 'midge' then you should always pronounce the 'h' (therefore 'a' not 'an'). To say 'an homage' you'd need to be using the French pronunciation.


reply to Vidableek"
Homage is not a debt. Homage is a respect and thus can not be counted. Neither is correct. One pays homage not a homage.

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