Phrasal Verb 'Back'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Back'.

Back away

Meaning: Retreat or go backwards

Example: The crowd BACKED AWAY when the man pulled a knife.

Back down

Meaning: Retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument

Example: She refused to BACK DOWN and was fired.

Back into

Meaning: Enter a parking area in reverse gear

Example: He prefers to BACK his car INTO the garage.

Back off

Meaning: Retreat

Example: The police told the protesters to BACK OFF.

Back out

Meaning: Fail to keep an arrangement or promise

Example: He BACKED OUT two days before the holiday so we gave the ticket to his sister

Back out of

Meaning: Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement

Example: She BACKED OUT OF the agreement at the last minute.

Back out of

Meaning: Exit a parking area in reverse gear

Example: She BACKED the Rolls OUT OF its parking space.

Back up

Meaning: Make a copy of computer data

Example: You should always BACK UP important files and documents so that you won't lose all your work if something goes wrong with the hardware.

Back up

Meaning: Support

Example: The rest of the staff BACKED her UP when she complained about working conditions.

Back up

Meaning: Drive a vehicle backwards

Example: Tom BACKED UP without looking and ran over his laptop.