Phrasal Verbs with 'Be'

Be after

Try to find or get

Example:The police ARE AFTER him because of the theft.

Be along


Example:The next bus should BE ALONG in the next quarter of an hour or so.

Be away

Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc.

Example:She's AWAY on business for three weeks.

Be cut out for

Be suitable, have the necessary qualities

Example:She's not CUT OUT FOR this kind of work.

Be cut up

Be upset

Example:She was very CUT UP about coming second as she thought she deserved to win.

Be down

Be depressed

Example:He's BEEN DOWN since his partner left him.

Be down

Be reduced or less

Example:The firm's profits ARE DOWN by ten percent this quarter.

Be down on

Have negative feelings toward someone

Example:After the argument, James is DOWN ON his boss.

Be down with

Be ill

Example:Gul is DOWN WITH some bug and is off work today.

Be fed up

Be bored, upset or sick of something

Example:I AM FED UP of his complaints.

Be in

Be at home or at work

Example:They ARE never IN; I always get their answerphone.

Be in

Be submitted, arrive

Example:The application form must BE IN by 3pm on Friday.

Be in on

Be involved in

Example:Susan was the only one who WASN'T IN ON the plan.

Be into


Example:I AM INTO classical music.

Be not on

Be unacceptable

Example:The way he's behaving IS just NOT ON.

Be off

Be bad (of food)

Example:This yoghurt must BE OFF; it smells foul.

Be off

Depart, leave

Example:I'm OFF home; it's five o'clock.

Be on

Be functioning (of machines)

Example:The computer IS ON.

Be on

Take place

Example:The show IS ON for the next three months.

Be on

Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly

Example:He IS ON anti-depressants and has become very difficult to please.

Be on

Be at the top of one’s game, performing very well

Example:He IS really ON right now- three goals in five minutes!

Be on about

Mean, try to say

Example:I couldn't understand what he WAS ON ABOUT- it made no sense.

Be onto

Pursue, be aware of someone's true nature

Example:He's being very careful because he thinks the police ARE ONTO him.

Be out

Be absent from a place

Example:She IS OUT on a visit for the day.

Be out of

Have no more left

Example:We're OUT OF coffee so I'll have to go and get some.

Be out to


Example:She IS OUT TO get him sacked because she hates him.

Be snowed under

Have too much work

Example:We're completely SNOWED UNDER at work because it's the end of the tax year.

Be taken aback

Be shocked or surprised

Example:I WAS TAKEN ABACK when I saw him because he's lost all his hair.

Be taken with

Like something

Example:I WAS very TAKEN WITH the performance- it was superb.

Be to do with

Be connected with

Example:He said the meeting IS TO DO WITH a complaint.

Be up

Be out of bed

Example:She's not UP yet.

Be up

Have increased or risen

Example:The company's profits ARE UP by fifteen percent.

Be up

When the time for something finishes or expires

Example:Time's UP, please finish your drinks and leave.

Be up for

Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event

Example:ARE you UP FOR the climb of Mt. Blanc?

Be up to

Be good enough

Example:He's not UP TO the job; get someone else.

Be up to

Doing something naughty or wrong

Example:What are those kids UP TO?