Phrasal Verb 'Bear'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Bear'.

Bear down on

Meaning: Move towards

Example: She spotted him on the other side of the room and BORE DOWN ON him.

Bear on

Meaning: Influence, affect

Example: The judge's character may well BEAR ON the final decision.

Bear on

Meaning: Be connected or relevant to something

Example: They are trying to get information BEARING ON the accident.

Bear out

Meaning: Confirm that something is correct

Example: Statistics BEAR OUT the government's positions on the issue.

Bear up

Meaning: Resist pressure

Example: How are you BEARING UP under the strain?

Bear up under

Meaning: Cope with something difficult or stressful

Example: He's BEARING UP UNDER the pressure.

Bear with

Meaning: Be patient

Example: Please BEAR WITH me a moment while I finish this email.