Phrasal Verbs with 'Boil'

Boil down

Simplify, reduce to the essentials

Example: The report's so long, I BOILED it DOWN into a two-page summary.

Boil down

Heat something to reduce its volume

Example: I BOILED DOWN the stock to thicken it.

Boil down to

Amount to

Example: It all BOILS DOWN TO money at the end of the day.

Boil over

When a hot liquid spills out of a container

Example: I left the milk on the cooker and it BOILED OVER.

Boil over

When people lose their tempers and things get nasty

Example: The tension had been building up and it BOILED OVER in the meeting.

Boil up

Feel a negative emotion strongly

Example: The anger BOILED UP in me when I saw what they had done.

Boil up

Cook or heat something to boiling point

Example: I BOILED UP some water for a cup of coffee.