Phrasal Verb 'Bring'

We have 26 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Bring'.

Bring about

Meaning: Make something happen

Example: The changes to the law were BROUGHT ABOUT by the government because so many people were ignoring the old one.

Bring along

Meaning: Bring someone or something to certain place

Example: You can BRING your friends ALONG if you like.

Bring along

Meaning: Help someone improve

Example: Her coach has BROUGHT her ALONG a lot in the last six months.

Bring around

Meaning: Persuade or convince someone

Example: It took me ages to BRING him AROUND to my point of view.

Bring around

Meaning: Bring something with you when you visit

Example: He BROUGHT some books AROUND when he came last night.

Bring around

Meaning: Get someone talking about something

Example: He didn't want to discuss the details, but I managed to BRING him AROUND and he told me everything.

Bring back

Meaning: Cause someone to remember

Example: Visiting my old school BROUGHT BACK memories of when I was a pupil there.

Bring back

Meaning: Return

Example: He took the calculator home yesterday and hasn't BROUGHT it BACK yet.

Bring down

Meaning: Make a government fall

Example: The vote of no-confidence BROUGHT the government DOWN.

Bring down

Meaning: Make something cheaper

Example: The improvements in technology have BROUGHT the prices of computers DOWN considerably in recent months.

Bring forth

Meaning: Produce something, make it known or visible

Example: The prosecution BROUGHT FORTH a lot of evidence against him.

Bring forth

Meaning: Produce

Example: She BROUGHT FORTH a surprising result.

Bring forth

Meaning: Make something happen

Example: The report has BROUGHT FORTH a lot of criticism of the policy.

Bring forth

Meaning: Remove something from where it is kept or hidden

Example: She BROUGHT FORTH the diary and showed it to us.

Bring forward

Meaning: Make something happen earlier than originally planned

Example: The meeting has been BROUGHT FORWARD to this Friday instead of next week because some people couldn't make it then.

Bring in

Meaning: Earn

Example: The job BRINGS IN two thousand dollars a month.

Bring off

Meaning: Succeed with something difficult

Example: No one thought she'd manage to do it, but she BROUGHT it OFF in the end.

Bring on

Meaning: Cause something to happen or speed up the process

Example: Getting wet in the rain yesterday BROUGHT ON my cold.

Bring on

Meaning: Make something appear

Example: BRING ON the dancers!

Bring out

Meaning: Release or publish

Example: The band are BRINGING OUT a new CD in the autumn.

Bring out

Meaning: Elicit a response

Example: Suzie BRINGS OUT the best in him.

Bring out in

Meaning: Cause a health problem or reaction

Example: It was the lobster that BROUGHT me OUT in this rash all over my body.

Bring round

Meaning: Make someone wake up from unconsciousness or an anaesthetic

Example: The doctors BROUGHT him ROUND a few hours after the operation.

Bring up

Meaning: Mention

Example: They didn't BRING the subject UP at the meeting.

Bring up

Meaning: Raise a child

Example: My parents BROUGHT me UP strictly.

Bring Up

Meaning: Be officially charged with a crime

Example: He was BROUGHT UP on charges of public intoxication.