Phrasal Verbs Using 'Carry'

Carry forward

Include a figure in a later calculation

Example:They CARRIED FORWARD their losses to the next financial year.

Carry forward

Make something progress

Example:They hope the new management will be able to CARRY the project FORWARD.

Carry off

Win, succeed

Example:She CARRIED OFF the first prize in the competition.

Carry off

Die of a disease

Example:Cancer CARRIED him OFF a couple of years ago.

Carry on


Example:CARRY ON quietly with your work until the substitute teacher arrives.

Carry on

Behave badly

Example:The children annoyed me by CARRYING ON all morning.

Carry on with

Have an affair

Example:He's been CARRYING ON WITH someone at work for years.

Carry out

Perform a task

Example:The government is CARRYING OUT test on growing genetically modified crops.

Carry out

Food bought from a restaurant to take away

Example:I'm too tired to cook- let's get a CARRY-OUT.

Carry over

Continue past a certain point

Example:The meeting CARRIED OVER into the afternoon because there was so much to talk about.

Carry through

Complete successfully

Example:They CARRIED the reforms THROUGH despite the opposition.