Phrasal Verbs Using 'Cast'

Cast about for

Try to find something

Example:They're CASTING ABOUT FOR support.

Cast around for

Try to find something

Example:She was CASTING AROUND FOR people to help her.

Cast aside

Dispose, get rid of, ignore because you no longer like something or someone

Example:He CAST her ASIDE.

Cast off

Dispose, get rid of

Example:They CAST OFF any semblance of politeness and attacked us viciously.

Cast off

Untie a boat so it's free to sail

Example:They CAST OFF and headed out to sea.

Cast out

Expel, reject

Example:They CAST him OUT because of his behaviour.

Cast round for

Try to find something

Example:He CAST ROUND FOR any sign of his things.

Cast up

Be left on the shore by the sea

Example:The rubbish was CAST UP by the tide.