Phrasal Verbs with 'Clear'

Clear away

Leave a place

Example: We were told to CLEAR AWAY from the scene of the accident.

Clear away

Remove or tidy

Example: After dinner, I CLEARED AWAY the plates and dishes.

Clear off

Leave somewhere quickly

Example: As soon as the trouble started, we CLEARED OFF.

Clear out

Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff.

Example: I spent the whole weekend CLEARING OUT the attic as it was full of papers and other junk.

Clear out

Leave somewhere

Example: I told them to CLEAR OUT because they were making so much noise.

Clear up

Cure or recover from an infection

Example: I took the antihistamines and the rash CLEARED UP right away.

Clear up

Tidy up

Example: I'd better CLEAR AWAY the mess before leave.

Clear up


Example: Could you CLEAR these points UP before we go any further?

Clear up

Improve (weather)

Example: The skies CLEARED UP and the sun came out.