Phrasal Verbs Using 'Close'

Close down

Close a shop, branch or business permanently

Example:The banks have CLOSED DOWN a lot of branches in villages over the last few years.

Close down

Stop an opponent being a challenge

Example:He CLOSED the player DOWN and stopped him being a threat.

Close in

Surround, envelop

Example:The fog CLOSED IN and we couldn't see two yards in front of us.

Close in

Approach, get near

Example:The police were CLOSING IN so they decided to try to make a break.

Close in on

Get near someone

Example:The police were CLOSING IN ON the gang.

Close in upon

Get near someone

Example:The police were CLOSING IN UPON the gang.

Close off

Block a place to stop people entering

Example:The police CLOSED the road OFF after the explosion.

Close on

Get nearer

Example:She is CLOSING ON the leader of the race.

Close out

Bring something to an end

Example:We CLOSED OUT the meeting early and went home.

Close out

Close or stop using

Example:She CLOSED OUT the account and changed to another bank.

Close out

Ignore, exclude

Example:They always CLOSE me OUT of their plans.

Close up

Completely close something

Example:They CLOSE UP the building after everyone has left.

Close up

Join together

Example:The leaves CLOSE UP when it rains.

Close up

Move closer together

Example:They CLOSED UP when they saw the gang coming towards them.