Phrasal Verbs with 'Come'

Come about

Happen, occur

Example: The meeting CAME ABOUT because both sides were sick of fighting.

Come about

Shift direction (nautical)

Example: The yacht CAME ABOUT to a heading of 240 degrees.

Come across

Find by accident

Example: I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when I was clearing out my desk.

Come across

Agree to have sex with someone

Example: I was surprised when she CAME ACROSS on the first night.

Come across

The way other people see you

Example: He CAME ACROSS as shy because he spoke so quietly.

Come along


Example: May I COME ALONG on your trip tomorrow?

Come along

Move faster or keep up

Example: COME ALONG, we’ll never get there if you don’t keep up with us.

Come apart

Break into pieces

Example: It CAME APART when I tried to lift it off the floor and I had to glue it back together.

Come around

Recover consciousness

Example: It took several hours after the operation before he CAME AROUND.

Come around to

Agree with or accept something you had previously disapproved of or disliked.

Example: They have started COMING AROUND TO our way of thinking and are less hostile.

Come back


Example: I left work and CAME BACK home early.

Come before

Appear in court charged with a crime or offence

Example: He CAME BEFORE the court on charges of speeding.

Come by


Example: I'll COME BY after work and see if you need any help.

Come by


Example: How did you COME BY that Rolex?

Come down


Example: Just look at the rain COMING DOWN! I'm not going out in that.

Come down


Example: When you're next in London, COME DOWN and see us.

Come down on

Criticise heavily

Example: The management really CAME DOWN ON him for losing the contract.

Come down to

Amount to, be the most important aspect

Example: It all COMES DOWN TO a question of who tries hardest.

Come down upon

Criticise, reprimand severely

Example: They will COME DOWN UPON us if we are late.

Come down with

Fall ill

Example: She CAME DOWN WITH a virus.

Come forth


Example: The draft proposal CAME FORTH in April.

Come forth with

Provide information

Example: None of the witnesses CAME FORTH WITH an accurate description of the gang.

Come from

Country or town where you were born

Example: She COMES FROM Somalia.

Come in

Arrive for flights

Example: The plane CAME IN at two-thirty in the morning.

Come in

Place or ranking in a competition, etc.

Example: I did my best but CAME IN last but one in the race.

Come in

Receive news

Example: Reports are just COMING IN of an assassination attempt on the President.

Come in for

Receive (criticism or praise)

Example: Jack\'s COME IN FOR quite a lot of criticism of late.

Come into

Be important or relevant

Example: Money doesn't COME INTO it; I simply will not do it under any circumstances.

Come into


Example: She CAME INTO a lot of money when her grandmother died.

Come into use

Start being used

Example: The computerised system CAME INTO USE at the end of last year.

Come off

When something breaks off

Example: I picked it up and the handle CAME OFF in my hand.

Come off

Be successful

Example: I was surprised when the plan CAME OFF so easily.

Come off it

I don't believe what you're saying; used as an imperative

Example: COME OFF IT; tell me the truth for goodness' sake.

Come on


Example: COME ON; don't give up now when you're so close to finishing.

Come on

Start an illness

Example: I've got a bit of a headache. I hope it doesn't mean I've got flu COMING ON.

Come on

Start functioning (machines, etc)

Example: The central heating COMES ON automatically an hour before I have to get up.

Come out

A secret is revealed

Example: The details of the scandal CAME OUT in the press and she had to resign.

Come out

Be published or otherwise available to the public

Example: The band's new CD is COMING OUT in September.

Come out

Disappear when washed

Example: The red wine I spilt just will not COME OUT of the carpet no matter what I try to clean it with.

Come out

Let people know that you are lesbian or gay

Example: She CAME OUT at university and has been living with her partner, Jane, for the last couple of years.

Come out

When the sun appears

Example: It started cloudy, but then the sun CAME OUT and we all went to the park.

Come out in

Have a rash or similar skin problem

Example: She CAME OUT IN a nasty rash after touching the poisonous plant by mistake.

Come out of

Recover consciousness

Example: After three years, he CAME OUT OF the coma.

Come out with

Make something available

Example: They have just COME OUT WITH a new version.

Come out with

Say something publicly and unexpectedly

Example: She CAME OUT WITH the answer when everyone was expecting it to remain unsolved.

Come over

Feel strange

Example: I CAME OVER all faint and weak because my sugar level was too low. (British)

Come over

Affect mentally in such a way as to change behaviour (possibly related to 'overcome')

Example: I'm sorry about last night - I don't know what CAME OVER me.

Come round

Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic

Example: She CAME ROUND and learned that the operation had been a complete success.

Come round

Change your opinion

Example: At first she didn't like the idea, but she CAME ROUND to our way of thinking in the end.

Come through

Arrive (messages and information)

Example: News is COMING THROUGH of a major accident on the M25, where freezing fog has been making driving conditions extremely dangerous.

Come through

Communicate an emotion

Example: The anger she felt COMES THROUGH.

Come through

Produce a result

Example: They promised they'd do it, but they haven't COME THROUGH yet.

Come through with

Provide something needed

Example: He didn't COME THROUGH WITH the money and they went bust.

Come to

Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic

Example: She CAME TO an hour after the operation.

Come to

Result in

Example: The two men started arguing but they soon CAME TO blows and started fighting in earnest.

Come up


Example: I'll be late home tonight because something's COME UP at work has to be ready for tomorrow morning.

Come up

Rise (the sun)

Example: The sun CAME UP just as we reached the outskirts of the town.

Come up against

Encounter problems or difficulties

Example: They CAME UP AGAINST a lot of opposition to their plans for an out-of-town supermarket development.

Come up with

Think of a solution, excuse, etc.

Example: Nobody could COME UP WITH a satisfactory explanation for the accident.

Come upon

Find by chance

Example: I CAME UPON the book in a little second-hand bookshop in Dorset.