Phrasal Verb 'Count'

We have 14 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Count'.

Count against

Meaning: Affect negatively, make less likely to succeed

Example: Not having a university degree will COUNT AGAINST her.

Count among

Meaning: Include someone or something in a group, category, etc

Example: I COUNT her AMONG my closest friends.

Count down

Meaning: Wait impatiently or excitedly for something to happen

Example: I'm COUNTING DOWN the days till they leave.

Count for

Meaning: Be recognised as important, worthwhile or valuable

Example: Experience COUNTS FOR a lot in decision making.

Count in

Meaning: Include or involve

Example: If you're going on that skiing holiday, you can COUNT me IN; I'd love to go.

Count off

Meaning: Say numbers aloud in a sequence

Example: They COUNTED the students OFF as they arrived.

Count on

Meaning: Depend, rely

Example: You can COUNT ON them; if they have promised to do something, they'll do it.

Count on

Meaning: Expect something to happen and base plans on it

Example: I was COUNTING ON the payment arriving last week and was really angry when it didn't arrive as I didn't have enough money to pay for everything.

Count out

Meaning: Exclude

Example: I don't want to go- you can COUNT me OUT.

Count out

Meaning: Count a certain amount of money

Example: He COUNTED OUT £250 and paid me.

Count towards

Meaning: Be a part needed to complete something

Example: The coursework COUNTS TOWARDS the final grade.

Count up

Meaning: Add

Example: COUNT UP the number of tickets sold, please.

Count upon

Meaning: Expect something to happen and base plans on it

Example: I was COUNTING UPON their support and lost because they didn't vote my way.

Count upon

Meaning: Depend, rely

Example: I COUNT UPON them to help me.