3 English Phrasal Verbs With 'CRACK'

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We have definitions for 3 phrasal verbs with 'CRACK'

3 phrasal verbs with 'CRACK'

Crack down on

  1. Use more authority than usual
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: The police always CRACK DOWN ON drink-driving offences over the Christmas period.

Crack on

  1. Continue doing something with energy
    (Intransitive | International English)
    » Example: We had to CRACK ON to get everything finished on time.

Crack up

  1. Have a nervous breakdown
    (Intransitive | International English)
    » Example: He CRACKED UP after his son died and had to take a couple of months off work.
  2. Have bad reception on a mobile phone
    (Intransitive | International English)
    » Example: You'll have to talk louder- you're CRACKING UP.
  3. Burst out laughing
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: Everybody CRACKED UP when he told the joke.
  4. Damage a car badly
    (Separable [optional] | American English)
    » Example: He CRACKED his car UP last night when he came off the road.

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