Phrasal Verb 'Creep'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Creep'.

Creep in

Meaning: Start to be noticeable

Example: He tried to stay calm, but you could hear the anger CREEPING IN.

Creep in

Meaning: Get included despite attempts to keep it or them out

Example: Errors CREPT IN as the text got longer.

Creep into

Meaning: Become noticeable in something

Example: An angry tone CREPT INTO her voice.

Creep out

Meaning: make someone feel worried or uneasy

Example: He CREEPS me OUT when he gets drunk.

Creep out on

Meaning: To do the same activity for a very long time

Example: He's been CREEPING OUT ON that computer game all day.

Creep over

Meaning: Start to have a negative feeling

Example: Fear CREPT OVER me as I walked through the graveyard.

Creep up on

Meaning: Approach without someone realising

Example: They CREPT UP ON their rivals and overtook them.