Phrasal Verbs With 'Dip'

Dip in phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Put something in a liquid for a short time
    (Separable [obligatory] | International English)
    » Example: I DIPPED the brush IN the paint and began painting the wall.

Dip into phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Read parts of a book, but not all
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: I've been DIPPING INTO the book, but haven't read it properly.
  2. Meaning: Take money out of your savings
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: I've had to DIP INTO my savings account to pay for the works on my house.

Dip out phrasal verb

  1. Meaning: Leave a place without telling anyone
    (Intransitive | American English)
    » Example: The party was so dull I DIPPED OUT.