Phrasal Verb 'Do'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Do'.

Do away with

Meaning: Abolish, get rid of

Example: The United Kingdom DID AWAY WITH the death penalty in 1965.

Do in

Meaning: Kill

Example: After he reported the gang, he feared they would DO him IN.

Do in

Meaning: Exhaust, tire

Example: Climbing that hill really DID them IN

Do out of

Meaning: Cheat somebody out of something that is rightfully theirs

Example: They lied on the reference and DID me OUT OF any chance of getting the job.

Do over

Meaning: Do something again from the beginning, especially because you did it badly the first time

Example: OK, we'll DO it OVER, but try to sing the right words this time.

Do up

Meaning: Close or fasten clothes, etc.

Example: You must DO UP your safety belt in the back of cars and taxis now.

Do up

Meaning: Repair and renovate

Example: It took them six months to DO UP the house before they could actually move in.

Do with

Meaning: Wish for or ask for (usually after can or could)

Example: I could DO WITH a cold beer about now.

Do without

Meaning: Manage without something

Example: There's no sugar, so you'll have to DO WITHOUT.