Phrasal Verb 'Drive'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Drive'.

Drive away

Meaning: Force an animal or someone to leave a place

Example: Their unfriendliness DRIVES customers AWAY.

Drive back

Meaning: Repulse, force back

Example: The police DROVE the crowd BACK to give the rescue workers more space.

Drive by

Meaning: Do something out of a car

Example: He was killed in a DRIVE-BY shooting.

Drive off

Meaning: Drive away from a place

Example: She slammed the car door shut and DROVE OFF without saying a word.

Drive out

Meaning: Force someone to leave a place

Example: The soldiers DROVE them OUT of their homes.

Drive up

Meaning: Make something increase

Example: The market uncertainty has DRIVEN prices UP.

Drive up

Meaning: Arrive in a vehicle

Example: They DROVE UP just as we were about to leave.