Phrasal Verb 'Drop'

We have 16 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Drop'.

Drop around

Meaning: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement

Example: We DROPPED AROUND to collect the stuff we'd left there last week.

Drop around

Meaning: Deliver

Example: I DROPPED AROUND the things they needed.

Drop away

Meaning: Become smaller- amount, numbers

Example: The numbers of people attending began the DROP AWAY after a few months.

Drop back

Meaning: Move towards the back of a group

Example: He stared at the front, but got tired and DROPPED BACK as the race went on.

Drop behind

Meaning: Move towards the back, not keep up

Example: I DROPPED BEHIND at school when I fell ill and couldn't study.

Drop by

Meaning: Pay a brief visit

Example: He DROPPED BY on his way home from work.

Drop in

Meaning: Visit without having made arrangements

Example: I was in the area so I DROPPED IN at the office to see her.

Drop off

Meaning: Take something or someone to a place and leave it or them there.

Example: I DROPPED the kids OFF at school on my way to work.

Drop off

Meaning: Fall asleep

Example: I DROPPED OFF during the play and woke up when it ended.

Drop off

Meaning: Decrease in number or amount

Example: Sales have DROPPED OFF in the last few months.

Drop out

Meaning: Quit a course

Example: She DROPPED OUT of college and went straight into a good job.

Drop over

Meaning: Visit for a short time

Example: I'll DROP OVER on my way back.

Drop round

Meaning: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement

Example: We DROPPED ROUND their house on our way.

Drop round

Meaning: Deliver

Example: I DROPPED the papers ROUND so she could read them before the meeting.

Drop someone in it

Meaning: Get someone into trouble

Example: I really DROPPED him IN IT when I told them what he'd done.

Drop through

Meaning: Come to nothing, produce no results

Example: The big scheme he was talking about seems to have DROPPED THROUGH.