Phrasal Verbs with 'Have'

Have against

Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge (Usually negative)

Example: I HAVE nothing AGAINST their proposals.

Have around

Entertain someone in your home

Example: I HAD the neighbours AROUND for dinner last night.

Have down as

Think of someone or something in a particular way

Example: I HAD her DOWN AS a liberal, but I was very wrong.

Have in

Have a supply of something in a particular place

Example: Do we HAVE any beer IN?

Have in

Get someone to do some work

Example: We HAD the decorators IN last week.

Have in

Entertain people in your home

Example: We HAD them IN last night for dinner.

Have it away

Have sex with someone, especially casual sex

Example: She HAD IT AWAY with him last Friday.

Have it in for

Hold a grudge

Example: He has HAD IT IN FOR me since I beat him last year.

Have it off

Have sex

Example: They HAD IT OFF after the party.

Have it out with

Discuss or argue an issue to improve a situation

Example: I'd been worried for ages, so I decided to HAVE IT OUT WITH them.

Have off

Take time off work

Example: I HAD a couple of days OFF last week to relax.

Have on

Be wearing

Example: What did Jennie HAVE ON at the party?

Have on

Have an electronic device switched on

Example: I HAVE my computer ON all the time.

Have on

Have an arrangement

Example: I HAVE a lot of meetings ON next week.

Have on

Tease, deceive

Example: They said they'd failed, but they were HAVING me ON.

Have on

Be in possession at a particular time

Example: I HAVEN'T any money ON me, but I can get some from the ATM.

Have on

Know something about someone that could harm them

Example: I HAVE a lot ON him because we used to work together.

Have over

Receive a guest

Example: Shall we HAVE them OVER for dinner?

Have round

Entertain someone in your home

Example: I HAD a few friends ROUND yesterday.

Have up

Make someone appear in court

Example: They HAD him UP for armed robbery.