Phrasal Verbs with 'Hit'

Hit back

Attack or criticise

Example: The president HIT BACK at her critics in a speech last night.

Hit for

Get someone to pay or donate money

Example: They HIT the sponsors FOR a lot of money.

Hit it off

Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person

Example: We HIT IT OFF immediately and became firm friends.

Hit it off with

Like someone from the first time you meet them

Example: I HIT IT OFF WITH her immediately.

Hit on

Have an idea

Example: I suddenly HIT ON the solution

Hit on

Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually

Example: She HIT ON him at the party and they went back to her house.

Hit on

Ask for money

Example: A beggar HIT ON me when I left the restaurant.

Hit out at

Respond angrily to criticism

Example: The government HIT OUT AT the media for their negativity.

Hit up

Inject drugs

Example: She's been HITTING UP for years.

Hit up

Ask someone for some money

Example: He always tries to HIT me UP for money when we meet.

Hit up on

Inject drugs

Example: He's been HITTING UP ON heroin for years.

Hit upon

Have an idea

Example: It took us ages to HIT UPON a solution.

Hit upon

Try to attract someone sexually

Example: He tried to HIT UPON her at the pub.

Hit with

Surprise someone with some information or news

Example: He HIT me WITH the details of their demands.