Phrasal Verb 'Hold'

We have 30 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Hold'.

Hold against

Meaning: Have a grudge against someone, or little respect

Example: He was very rude, but I won't HOLD it AGAINST him.

Hold back

Meaning: Not show emotion

Example: It was really hard to HOLD BACK the tears.

Hold back

Meaning: Prevent something moving forwards or progressing

Example: Lack of funding HELD the project BACK.

Hold back

Meaning: Not disclose information or make it public

Example: The government HELD BACK the findings of the report for fear of alienating voters.

Hold back from

Meaning: Not allow yourself to do something

Example: I had to HOLD BACK FROM losing my temper with them.

Hold down

Meaning: Keep a job

Example: He's so unreliable that he can never HOLD DOWN a job for more than a couple of months.

Hold down

Meaning: Stop someone or something from moving

Example: It took four of us to HOLD him DOWN and stop the fight.

Hold forth

Meaning: State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly

Example: The manager HELD FORTH on the topic for about twenty minutes.

Hold off

Meaning: When bad weather doesn't appear

Example: The rain HELD OFF until we'd got back home.

Hold off

Meaning: Stop someone from attacking or beating you

Example: Chelsea couldn't HOLD their opponents OFF and lost the game.

Hold off

Meaning: Delay, postpone

Example: They want an answer this week, but she may HOLD OFF for a bit longer

Hold off on

Meaning: Delay

Example: The government has been HOLDING OFF ON electoral reform for ages.

Hold on

Meaning: Wait

Example: Could you HOLD ON for a minute; she'll be free in a moment.

Hold on

Meaning: To hold tightly

Example: We HELD ON as the bus started to move.

Hold on to

Meaning: Hold tightly

Example: I HELD ON TO my luggage while I was waiting fr the taxi so that it didn't get stolen.

Hold onto

Meaning: Keep as long as possible

Example: It tried to HOLD ONTO my cash during the holiday so I could buy some duty free stuff on the way back.

Hold onto

Meaning: Hold tightly

Example: The mother HELD ONTO her daughter's hand to keep together in the crowd.

Hold onto

Meaning: Hold tightly

Example: The mother HELD ONTO her daughter's hand to keep together in the crowd.

Hold out

Meaning: Resist

Example: When the enemy attacked, they HELD OUT for six weeks.

Hold out

Meaning: Hold in front of you

Example: I HELD OUT my hand when she walked in.

Hold out against

Meaning: Try to reject

Example: The staff are HOLDING OUT AGAINST the plans to reduce the workforce.

Hold out for

Meaning: Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future

Example: We are HOLDING OUT FOR a much better deal than the one offered.

Hold out on

Meaning: Not pay someone or give them information

Example: He's been HOLDING OUT ON me for weeks and I really need the money.

Hold over

Meaning: Delay

Example: The meeting has been HELD OVER till Friday.

Hold over

Meaning: To continue something for longer than planned

Example: It has been so successful that they have HELD it OVER for another fortnight.

Hold to

Meaning: Oblige or force someone to carry out an obligation

Example: They're HOLDING us TO all the terms of the contract.

Hold together

Meaning: Not break up

Example: The society managed to HOLD TOGETHER despite the crisis.

Hold up

Meaning: Delay when travelling

Example: I was HELD UP by the terrible traffic and arrived half an hour late for my appointment.

Hold up

Meaning: Rob with violence or threats thereof

Example: Two armed men HELD UP the bank in High Street this morning and got away with £75,000.

Hold with

Meaning: Accept (usually negative)

Example: I don't HOLD WITH their plans.