Phrasal Verb 'Lay'

We have 6 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Lay'.

Lay down

Meaning: Establish rules or procedures

Example: The rules of the sport were LAID DOWN early in the nineteenth century.

Lay down

Meaning: Kill, murder

Example: He got LAID DOWN in a turf war about supplying drugs.

Lay into

Meaning: Criticise angrily

Example: His partner LAID INTO him when he arrived two hours late..

Lay off

Meaning: Make an employee redundant

Example: The hotel LAID OFF twenty staff because tourist numbers were down.

Lay on

Meaning: Organise, supply

Example: They LAID ON a buffet lunch at the conference.

Lay out

Meaning: Spend money

Example: They LAID OUT thousands of pounds on their wedding reception.